A new era for gamers

Ultra is the first entertainment platform that brings games, digital assets, tournaments, and live streams to one place, all easily accessible through a single login.

Gaming Galore

Access everything you need, all in one place. Ultra's ecosystem houses a games store, non-custodial wallet, digital-asset marketplace, live-streaming app, tournament app, and more.
Games store Screen of the client Screen of the client

The first frictionless and utility driven NFT Marketplace

The Uniq Marketplace, alongside the Ultra Wallet, are the first apps to go live on the platform. Create, sell, and collect valuable digital items, without the fees.
Uniqs in a carousel
Want to have your very own Uniq collection exclusively available on the Uniq Marketplace? We’re now accepting applications!

Embrace blockchain technology

All the content you buy from Ultra, such as games, DLCs, and virtual items, are on-chain digital goods you truly own. On Ultra you’re in control of your assets as though they were physical items. These assets can be sold, traded and given away to your friends within Ultra, or outside of Ultra, through 3rd party marketplaces and mobile apps.

A new world of possibilities

Ultra’s blockchain technology and its developer toolkit allow game and application developers to enhance their products with new features and mechanics that are impossible to achieve without blockchain technology. Get ready for a stream of innovations and rewarding experiences you’ve never seen the likes of before.

Sharing ecosystem

Bring your friends, share what you love and be rewarded for it.
Ultra comes with two referral programs. One program rewards you for bringing new users to the platform, the other one pays you for promoting products sold on Ultra. Effective for gamers, influencers, and companies of any size, Ultra allows everyone to enjoy new streams of income by promoting the platform and its content.

Discover and interact

Ultra is the first entertainment platform designed from the ground up to let 3rd party companies publish their entertainment apps and services and gain access to a wide audience of gamers. Ultra helps gamers discover new entertainment venues they can instantly interact with without going through a new service account registration, safely, and effortlessly.